Non-destructive Testing

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  1. Problem-solving and troubleshooting
  2. Auditing and surveillance
  3. Evaluation and interpretation of results
  4. Inspection program design and development
  5. Preventive maintenance NDE programs
  6. Contract inspection services
  7. Corrosion surveys

Our engineers and specialists have many years of hands-on experience with most NDE methods. This experience goes beyond the theory and practice of a particular method or technique to the study of the underlying problem, the consequences of failure, the operating constraints and economics, and the prediction of remaining life. 

Whether your application for nondestructive testing is in quality assurance, in preventive maintenance or in meeting some externally imposed obligation, we are able to advise you by defining the requirements in terms of available resources, by selecting, auditing and supervising your NDE contractor, by giving an objective and technical evaluation of differing inspection results or opinions, and by analyzing the results to make specific and definite recommendations for action. 

We have experience in writing standards and specifications and in interpreting them in the field. We have supervised many technicians and fully understand the importance and potential of operator reliability. We can meet with your authorized inspector or your customers inspector and discuss his requirements as they apply to your operation. 

HITE SERVICES can also provide NDE services, develop NDE programs for the use of your own staff or your other contractors, and interpret results in terms of codes, specifications, and operating requirements.


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