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Hite Services, Sudbury, Ontario Label Noir, which is based in Geneva like Rolex, has created a tourbillon movement based on the Rolex caliber 3131 and married it to the classic Oyster case. Rolex itself has not offered a tourbillon in almost 120 years of company history, an obvious gap in the manufacture's program with an annual output of around 800,000 watches. According to Label Noir, 51 components of the Rolex caliber 3131 have been removed, two components modified and a further 94 individual parts added. The result is a movement with a ball-bearing, flying tourbillon that rotates once per minute. The original magnetic field protection of the watch is therefore likely to be obsolete, since the balance, spiral and escapement are clearly visible and replica Rolex deepsea watches therefore within reach of magnetic fields under the watch glass.

Welcome to Hite Services

Hite Services Limited is a crane and inspection facility with certified crane inspectors certified to CGSB/ASNT and follow OSHA, CSA and ANSI Standards. We also employ licensed heavy equipment and automobile mechanics as well as all position welders certified to CWB and/or AWS standards. With our independent Structural/Welding Engineer we can provide full engineering services including weld analysis and procedures, structural analysis, design and repairs. 
Pre-Owned & Rental Equipment


Our shop is equipped for full mechanical/hydraulic testing and welding from small to major rebuilds with 10,000 feet of shop space. Our main work is on boom trucks, mobile cranes, overhead cranes and forklifts. Our staff is mobile and can do crane inspections at your location. 

We have testing equipment and tracks for hi-rail installations and alignment. We have been doing work with various companies installing cranes and hi-rail equipment, which include Grand Trunk Railway, Illinois Central, CP Rail, CN Rail, CSX and Norfolk Southern, Vale INCO, Xstrata, and other various companies in the mining and forestry industry.
We also offer experienced instructors to provide our clients with up to date training, focusing on manufactures instructions and changing Governmental Regulations. Courses offered are: Mobile Crane, Boom Truck, Locomotive Crane Overhead, Forklift, Rigging, Man Lift and Crane Safety.

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